"I want to write and say Elan is a wonderful teacher. She is always upbeat and has fun teaching the class. The kids pick up on your vibes and it is obvious Elan enjoys teaching. She also helps us all learn the music. Today in class Elan broke the song down into bits so we could learn the tune and words. It helps us who aren't native speakers and the children to learn. Thanks for making class fun Elan!"


Joy K., Santa Cruz, CA 


"Hello, My name is ---------------. I have a Master's in Education, and I received piano lessons and theory (through Certificate of Merit level 9) until I went to college. Due to my background in education in particular, I can be a little picky about programs for children and paying for them! Haha. I have been meaning to write for a long time to let you know that I am a HUGE fan of the Music Together program!!

I tell new parents all the time that if I could only choose one activity to pay for my children it would be Music Together. It's worth every penny. I took class with teacher Elizabeth (she's so good!) in Los Gatos for a year with my daughter, and then one session with both of my children before switching to Canta y Baila Conmigo the first semester you offered the program. 

I only took Spanish in college for two quarters, so I basically knew nothing going into the class. After the first day I felt like I was in a little over my head, but I knew this program would be a perfect way to begin our family's journey of learning a second language. I make the goal to learn at least HALF the songs in the book by the end of the semester. Goal accomplished! And same goal for our current semester and also reached it. 

I want to let you know Elan has been AMAZING. I know the class is Spanish immersion, but she speaks at a good pace, keeps her phrases simple, uses lots of gestures, and repeats often. I am actually able to whisper the translation into my daughter's ear when needed."

Thank you, 

CyBC mom, Los Gatos, CA


"When my son was younger, we took Canta y Baila Conmigo classes with Elan. She's an amazing teacher, connects with little ones and parents. She has a sweet, gentle and very fun energy that gets everyone moving and singing. I really recommend Elan as she loves sharing her love of music, language and brings joy to her class!!"

Sandra O., Santa Cruz, CA


"You cannot imagine all the memories that came flooding when I heard that song (Pimpón)! It reminded me of my dad singing to me when I was little. I had completely forgotten about it. It almost brought tears to my eyes. Now I can share this memory and this song with my own daughter! Thank you!"

CyBC dad, Minneapolis, MN




Translation: "Dear Elan, Thank you so much for being the best music teacher! Liliana and I enjoyed Wednesdays with you very much and we're going to miss you a lot. We  hope you enjoy your time and adventures with your family. We are very grateful for our time with you. With love, Maria and Liliana"